Seven years ago, a startup fitness brand set up shop down the street from Donut Taco Palace for donut and taco logistical reasons that every startup will recognize. The fitness brand sold tremendous products that truly helped people, and the tenacious team grew the company to the point of glorious acquisition in 2014.

The new corporate headquarters sent them IT professionals! A coffee budget! More fitness brands to manage! And one by one, an elite league of brand builders was assembled – a Visionary, a Ringleader, a Game Changer, a Funny One, a Solver and more. Together, they made the brands soar even as the industry took a nosedive. Together, they developed new consumer insight-led strategies, created compelling campaigns and reached new audiences in new ways. They built a studio to create content literally IN the house! They researched, published, trained and launched new products! Month after month, their brands outperformed the industry and product flew off brick & mortar shelves and ecommerce pages. Retail partners gave this inspired team opportunities to unshelve the biggest names in fitness, while corporate praised them on conference calls. The PowerPoint graphs all pointed in the right direction: up and to the right. Growth!

But this year, the unexpected happened.

Corporate asked The Marketers all to move to HQ, a far, far away land where donuts and tacos are sold separately and copywriters have to leave their writing dogs at home. What’s an Austin Marketer to do? Stay put and find a great new gig, that’s what. The very skilled folks you see here are available to adopt in the greater Austin area. They are tested and true.

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